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Wed, Jan. 3rd, 2007, 07:17 pm
hieronymousb: Happy belated New Years! I come with recs.

From the fullservicefma community's former monthly ficcing contest, I bring my first two recs:

Afterbirth by rocketwizzard. Edward Elric kept his promises, no matter to whom they were. PG, Al/Winry, manga-based fic. This fic won the first fullservicefma contest, and for good reason. Although only a drabble, it tells a powerful story in a unique, eye-catching style. This is one of those "What would happen if manga!Al got his body back?" fics. Not a unique idea, but handled with commendable skill and talent. Not sure if rocketwizzard has any other FMA fanfics, but I do hope she will write more for the fandom!

Seaside by themollyedge. The connection of Hohenheim and Trisha is in the sunshine, in the ocean, and in the beach. PG-13, Hohenheim/Trisha. A beautiful story of Hohenheim's and Trisha's past together. Sweet and sad.

Lili Christine by militsa. PG, Hohenheim/Alter!Trisha. A beautiful and sorrowful tale of Hohenheim as he lives in Munich and woos Trisha's alternate self. Wonderful Hohenheim introspection. I've been linking this fanfic to all my friends when I saw it wasn't getting sufficient attention. Highly recommend this story.

Catharsis by tobu_ishi. It’s the same nightmare all over again, but quieter this time. PG-13, gen, Elric-focused. Simply one of my favourite fanfics ever. Another take on "What if manga!Al got his body back?" Extremely original, gorgeous, and horrifying in the most delicious manner possible. A must-read, as far as I'm concerned.

Stormbringer and its sequels by mirabellawotr. You shouldn't make jokes about Ed being short. It leads to things that make Al nervous. PG-NC-17 (ratings increase as the fics go along), Ed/Roy/Al. Beautifully handled romance tale, unique in terms of this threesome because it's focused mostly on Al. As far as I've seen, most Ed/Roy/Al is more focused on Edward. Mira does a stunning Al-voice. All of her fics are worth reccing, and you can find more on mirabellafic, as well as her Scimitar Smile archive.

Thu, Jan. 4th, 2007 08:31 am (UTC)

Thanks for the recommendations. A couple were new to me, and the rest I was happy to read again. A good list.