Recommendation: Travelling Incognito

For a proper dose of Ed undercover on a mission, let me recommend "Travelling Incognito" by roseveare. Let the prologue draw you in --
"What are we going to do, brother? They won't acknowledge the authority of the State or your silver watch! That place is defended like a fortress! And I don't think they're just going to let us in."
"...I'm thinking."
"...Brother? I don't like when you get that look on your face. What are you thinking?"
"We'd waste weeks going back to Central to tell them about this. That's weeks where we could've been getting your real body back. Besides, I don't much like the idea of returning with our tails between our legs because we couldn't complete this lame assignment. There's only one way I can think of, Al, to get inside that place."
"You'll have to sell me."
"Hey, and that means we'll make some extra cash, too. What a great plan!"
-- but don't be fooled: this more of a character piece than an action-adventure 'fic (though the author gives us a sweet crowning fight sequence), as we watch Ed through the eyes of a nicely-developed, forty-something OC who almost sees him clearly. Gen, rated PG-13 for language, and a good read.

Crossover Rec: Catalyst (FMA/Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle)

This 'fic made its first appearance back during the summer; I kept meaning to recommend it but only now have gotten around to it. Catalyst is an eleven-chapter plotfic which has the world-hopping protagonists of Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle land in Amestris. In pursuit of yet another of Sakura's feathers, they encounter Ed and Al tracking down yet another rumor of the Philosopher's Stone. Well-thought out adventures ensue. The author is a dab hand at description and handles both sets of characters well. If you're familiar with both canons, have a look.

riza/ed rec

Title: Talking With Ghosts
Author: emwitchwood
Pairing: Riza/Ed
Summary: It's post-series. Riza looking back at her and Ed's relationship, such as it was. Kind of bittersweet.

It's really well written, I think. And It's believable, goes along with canon until you hit the movie. I really enjoyed it. Contains episode 51 spoilers.

Recommendation: Pointless

There's always room in fandom for more well-written, silly genfic, so I must recommend the incomparable tobu_ishi's gem "Pointless": a first-person narrative from Al's POV as he mother-hens Ed through an unexpected visit to the infirmary. The character voices are dead-on and the joke beautifully constructed (with bonus points for the comic deployment of accurate period detail). Delightful stuff; share and enjoy!

Mpreg multichp recs?

konnichiwa minna san!!!!!

i am another one of those lurkers who is a sucker for fanfiction like you wouldn't believe.

i have come out of hiding to request any recs for multichapter Mpreg fics that you know of???

i would be eternally grateful XD

arigatou gozaimasu!!!!

Drabbles Written at Speed

mcee recently posted a Default Icon Drabble Challenge (i.e. "Write a drabble (100 words exactly) based on your current default icon. No changing it! Just write it as it comes; no beta-reading or mulling over. Any fandom or no fandom at all."), which produced two FMA drabbles I enjoyed reading and recommend herewith.

The first comes from evil_little_dog -- a perfect snapshot of Ed's thoughts in the midst of a fight. A good drabble needs a strong central conceit and language to match -- this has both.

The second comes from youngest_one and is also Ed-centric, but takes a more leisurely tack. It's a reflection on Ed's upbringing paralleled against his situation as a young man chasing a dream. Another mark of a good drabble is a closer that leaves you saying, "Aha!" or "Hmm ... " The excellent use of the subjunctive in the final lines of this drabble do that for me very nicely.

Enjoy these short takes!
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Happy belated New Years! I come with recs.

From the fullservicefma community's former monthly ficcing contest, I bring my first two recs:

Afterbirth by rocketwizzard. Edward Elric kept his promises, no matter to whom they were. PG, Al/Winry, manga-based fic. This fic won the first fullservicefma contest, and for good reason. Although only a drabble, it tells a powerful story in a unique, eye-catching style. This is one of those "What would happen if manga!Al got his body back?" fics. Not a unique idea, but handled with commendable skill and talent. Not sure if rocketwizzard has any other FMA fanfics, but I do hope she will write more for the fandom!

Seaside by themollyedge. The connection of Hohenheim and Trisha is in the sunshine, in the ocean, and in the beach. PG-13, Hohenheim/Trisha. A beautiful story of Hohenheim's and Trisha's past together. Sweet and sad.

Lili Christine by militsa. PG, Hohenheim/Alter!Trisha. A beautiful and sorrowful tale of Hohenheim as he lives in Munich and woos Trisha's alternate self. Wonderful Hohenheim introspection. I've been linking this fanfic to all my friends when I saw it wasn't getting sufficient attention. Highly recommend this story.

Catharsis by tobu_ishi. It’s the same nightmare all over again, but quieter this time. PG-13, gen, Elric-focused. Simply one of my favourite fanfics ever. Another take on "What if manga!Al got his body back?" Extremely original, gorgeous, and horrifying in the most delicious manner possible. A must-read, as far as I'm concerned.

Stormbringer and its sequels by mirabellawotr. You shouldn't make jokes about Ed being short. It leads to things that make Al nervous. PG-NC-17 (ratings increase as the fics go along), Ed/Roy/Al. Beautifully handled romance tale, unique in terms of this threesome because it's focused mostly on Al. As far as I've seen, most Ed/Roy/Al is more focused on Edward. Mira does a stunning Al-voice. All of her fics are worth reccing, and you can find more on mirabellafic, as well as her Scimitar Smile archive.
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Fic Rec: What I Can Do For You

The exceedingly talented icon-maker domlandbubbles also knows how to tell a story. "What I Can Do For You" is a lovely character sketch of Doctor Knox as he sits up with one of his patients and muses about recent events and the tendency of history to repeat itself. The author has Knox's voice nailed and constructs an excellent interior monologue, not incidentally commenting on some interesting parallels between what happened in Ishbal and what's happening now. The balance between cynicism and residual commitment in Knox's psyche is well represented here; his take on some of the major characters made me notice things about the original story I hadn't considered in depth. A good read.

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Fic Rec: "Properties of the Elements"

Another story I saw recently and enjoyed is Becca Stareyes's "Properties of the Elements", a series of interconnected vignettes focusing on Roy Mustang through the lens of his affinity for air. The author has a good feel both for her subject's character and for the chemistry of what he does -- the alchemical special effect he pulls off at Maes Hughes's wedding is sweet, entertaining and logically conceived. (The sight of the Mustang-tachi disassembling a refrigeration unit in the hopes of air-conditioning their break room is also not to be missed.) Unusually for a vignette-based 'fic, "Properties of the Elements" also ties itself up neatly at the end. Have a look; you won't regret it.

Fic Rec: "And Ever Widening Slowly Silence All"

This rec walks right up to the line of self-promotion without actually falling over it (I hope).

I helped beta the story "... And Ever Widening Slowly Silence All" by crackedbunny_1 (one of several people sharing the identity c_b_syndrome) and think it turned out to be well-plotted, well-characterized, well-written and generally a worthwhile addition to the Ishbal end of this fandom. The high concept: Maes Hughes and Roy Mustang cope with the aftermath of the Ishbal extermination -- or, rather, Roy almost fails to cope and Maes backstops him. Not slash, but a good, character-focused examination of the early days of a solid male friendship. Being more a fan of homosocial than homosexual bonding fics, I found beta-reading this to be a great pleasure and think more people should know about it.