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Mon, Jan. 29th, 2007, 11:27 am
nebroadwe: Drabbles Written at Speed

mcee recently posted a Default Icon Drabble Challenge (i.e. "Write a drabble (100 words exactly) based on your current default icon. No changing it! Just write it as it comes; no beta-reading or mulling over. Any fandom or no fandom at all."), which produced two FMA drabbles I enjoyed reading and recommend herewith.

The first comes from evil_little_dog -- a perfect snapshot of Ed's thoughts in the midst of a fight. A good drabble needs a strong central conceit and language to match -- this has both.

The second comes from youngest_one and is also Ed-centric, but takes a more leisurely tack. It's a reflection on Ed's upbringing paralleled against his situation as a young man chasing a dream. Another mark of a good drabble is a closer that leaves you saying, "Aha!" or "Hmm ... " The excellent use of the subjunctive in the final lines of this drabble do that for me very nicely.

Enjoy these short takes!